Adelaide Hills – South Australia

The wine region Adelaide Hills is located east of Adelaide and stretches from Barossa to McLaren Vale. As the name indicates it is a hilly and elevated area with a cool climate, with most vineyards sitting above 400 metres. The region consists of numerous hills and valleys, creating many micro climates, as a result there are many varietals grown in Adelaide Hills. The so-called flagship varietals are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

5 Blind Mice is the passion of Hugh & Jodie Amstrong, talking, stalking and walking vineyards all year long across regions and beyond borders provides Jodie Armstrong with the rare privilege of guiding scores of growers through the perennial cycles of the vine. Having worked in the ‘big end’ of viticulture for a decade, Hugh Armstrong is far more at ease with the hands on style which is required for these nurtured wines. Their contacts in the wine industry give them the unique opportunity to select & purchase bunches of Pinot Noir fruit from the best areas in the Adelaide Hills.

They needed a winery to process the fruit and by fate or fortune the ‘5 Blind Mice’ squeezed through a hole in the door of Red Heads Studio a ‘garagiste’ winemaking cooperative. With the guidance of Adam Hooper they produced this unique style Pinot Noir in very small quantities. When Hugh & Jodie asked if Wine Directions was interested to introduce the wine into Singapore, we didn’t think twice. We are proud to be the first overseas distributor for this truly boutique wine. Join us chasing those 5 Blind Mice, see how they run!