Welcome to WineDirections


WineDirections has been in business for 10 years and was founded by Arjen Blom who was the face of the business towards customers and wineries till 2015. He has built WineDirections into a well-known company selling great boutique wines from Australia and New Zealand for an affordable price, delivering great value for money.

Rolf van der Pol was a silent partner from the beginning and took over management of the company in 2015. Although he has no formal connection to the business anymore, Arjen is and will be close to WineDirections if only as a friend, advisor and our own ‘local nose’.

Since March 2018 Dave van der Heide is our general manager who will not only be in charge of day-to- day running the business but also for expanding the scope of the business into consultancy, advise, catering and pastry. He makes the best cakes in town and is an excellent chef.

Who We Are


WineDirections has evolved from an importer and distributor of boutique wines from Australia and New Zealand into a company that is about wine and food. We can organize a private party, wine tasting, wine pairing dinner, we do the most amazing cakes, can cook and supply wines.


Dave van der Heide


Dave van der Heide worked for 25 years in Sales and has a passion for Cooking and Baking. He had a cooking-club for 15 years in both Asian and…

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Rolf van der Pol

+ 65 9683 1451

Rolf van der Pol came to Singapore in 2005 and is one of the founders of WineDirections in 2008. In the first handful of years he was the ‘silent…

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Arjen Blom


Arjen Blom founded WineDirections in 2008 and has built up the franchise. In 2015 he stepped down as principal and took a less active role in the…

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What we do

Our customers are in professional Food & Beverage, but mostly we work with private individuals and companies. Our core business is still the import and distribution of boutique wines, but we don’t limit ourselves to a predefined range of wineries anymore. Moreover, but we have a range of products and services that will make every event and party a success.