The last couple of weeks were busy with Christmas and New Year celebrations; too much happened to mention it all here, but let me highlight a few things that happened in between the last deliveries of 2018.

First – we already mentioned it – we marketed our traditional Dutch ‘oliebollen’ – deep fried dough fritters that are traditionally eaten on New Years eve and during the festive season. The number of orders surprised us, so our ‘kitchen staff’ ended up baking hundreds of oliebollen which found their way to a lot of happy customers. For those of you who missed out: traditionally we only make them at the end of the year, but we’re happy to consider orders throughout the year.

Secondly, we’re back to making cakes and our patissier du maison is working on a special CNY cake. Over the last weeks we made this one for a customer, but look out for the special cake to welcome the year of the pig.

In the mean time our wine deliveries continue, so check out our promotion for the month of January at

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