As our wines are not available in the regular retail, we offer our clients as many as possible the opportunities to taste our wines at tastings or wine events.

We organize on a regular basis our Warehouse Wine Fairs, held at our Tasting Room. At the Warehouse Wine Fair we open 10+ wines for tasting, the event is free of charge and the sampled wines are on a special offer. It is a very informal event taking place on a Saturday afternoon, a great opportunity to meet new wine friends.

Once a month we organize a Wine Event, sometimes we choose a grape varietal as theme, or a wine region. These events are intimate as we maximum 12 seats available and take place at our Tasting Rooms. During the event we serve tapas and finger food that pair with the wines of the evening. The charge of these events varies around S$ 45.00 per person.

Brown Bag Nights, an evening of wine & fun. We pick a varietal or certain blend and invite you to bring your own disguised bottle. Guess where the wine from the other participants is from, what vintage, etc. you will learn a thing of two about wine and will be introduced to some new wines. These events are free but limited to 12 persons only.

A few times per year, we have the pleasure of welcoming some our Wine Makers to Singapore. Depending on their time & schedule we organize a Meet the Wine Maker Session in our Tasting Room. During these sessions we taste some of the wines under guidance of the winemaker.

Sometimes we leave the Tasting Room when we organize a Wine Dinner, with the wine maker as your host. The dinners showcase the wines, while paired with the culinary skills of the restaurant. Depending on the style of the wines these can be Asian, Modern European or Australian cuisines